Altec Lansing Mzx147 a Very Good Pair of Budget Items

The Altec Lansing MZX147 is a very good quality helmet. It offers an excellent sound balance, but is disappointed in terms of build quality. Overall, this is one of our recommended purchases.


In the world of audio, very few brands are remembered and revered with as much affection as Altec Lansing. The pioneers once dominated the world of desktop speakers and have recently tried to make a comeback. We saw the after speakers as the range of portable life jackets, and we even tried a pair of wireless headphones during the company’s revival in India. None of the new products impressed us as much as the one the company was known for, leaving us with a hint of remorse.

With its second line since its launch in India in 2015, Altec Lansing has launched a range of in-ear and in-ear headphones. What we have here with us is a pair of mzx147 in-ear headphones that allow you to see at least twice with the two-color striped cable. You may find it beautiful or not, but what really matters is whether Altec has finally managed to regain its audio capabilities.

Build and design

However, before we start, it is important to note a problem I have regarding the Altec Lansing MZX147 in-ear headphones. Even the inexpensive IEMs today have a decent level of construction and design that can be associated with some Audi manufacturers. The Altec Lansing MZX147 does not inspire such confidence and actually looks like a few economical NDEs.

The use of plastic is quite acceptable – what is not, is how inexpensive it is. The ribbon cable houses insulation on the outside which makes it quite robust and flexible, but that’s personally as much As Altec is right with the construction here. The headphones use plastic that looks far from high-quality on the jack, the in-line remote control and the headphone matter. The audio jack is not tilted and the headphones use a straight, traditional chassis that is Standard in the sub-segments. The remote control and the inline microphone use a volume control instead of buttons that you normally won’t see. This does not improve the comfort and ease of use much, because the plastic slider is rather sticky. The slider is not the most accurate, but it still works. There is only one button to answer/reject calls and play/pause music. The inline microphone works well and picks up the Audio well.

The uninteresting design makes the headphones more and more commonplace, and it’s hard to believe that there is a 1920s company behind them. They are passable from a design point of view, but the overall quality is quite disappointing.