Beoplay A1 Review the Beauty of Plush Audio

The b&O Beoplay A1 is one of the best portable Bluetooth Speakers available for purchase. It offers an excellent detailed and balanced sound, a good sound staging, a characteristic sound of richness and richness, and all the Finesse you could expect. Add to that reliable connectivity and good battery life, and the Beoplay A1 is one of the best Bluetooth Speakers you can buy right now.

Detailed review of the BEOPLAY A1

I have always been passionate about Bang & Olufsen and its design skills. The Danish electronics manufacturer is known for making richness TVs and high-performance audio equipment, but owning a B&O gadget also means that you will only spend more than the industry average due to its luxurious appearance and wealth.

When it comes to portable bluetooth speakers, we have heard the Beolit 15 from B & O, which seduces with its rich sound and depth of sound. The BeoPlay speaker range is aimed at a more affordable Segment. With the Beoplay A1, B & O brings its proven audio formula, integrates the Danish designer Cecilie Manz and produces a portable bluetooth speaker that will delight you from the start with its sense of aesthetics. Here is the b&O Beoplay A1 in detail.

Design, construction and aesthetics

Designed by award-winning Danish designer Cecilie Manz, the Beoplay A1 class shines. It is available in white and moss green, and I practically love the moss green finish of the Beoplay A1. He has a perfectly round shape and to some extent resembles a glorified Carrom striker. The Beoplay A1 is also one of the few speakers in the economy segment made of metal.

The discreet elegance makes the speaker so attractive. Nothing about it is trying to seduce you with flashy features or the brilliance of an activity-oriented design that you will see more often. The aluminum grille on the rounded top is perfectly designed and the edges are carefully rounded to blend well into the rubberized lower half of the material. There are no protruding edges anywhere – no raised bevels for buttons or any flap. The rubber sheet is perfectly smoothed and the buttons have white markings. Although the absence of a bevel and/ or removal of the button may seem annoying, the buttons are actually practical and easy to use and operate.

You get the power button next to the volume buttons, while at the other end of the ball are the Bluetooth pairing button, a microphone button and a multitasking button. When you press it after turning on the speaker, you associate yourself with your last connected device and listen to the music where you left off, adding smart terms to the speaker. Between these buttons are the 3.5mm jack connector and a USB-C port. There are no microUSB ports on the speaker, which can be quite annoying unless you own a Smartphone/laptop with a USB-C port (in which matter you usually carry the cable). However, in the future, this may have an impact on the Ergonomics and aesthetics of the Beoplay A1, because once the reversible connector becomes more common, it will certainly become easier and more convenient.

The speaker weighs 570 grams and is one of the best desktop speakers due to its overall shape. The Beoplay A1 easily finds its place in the middle of a nice piece of furniture, and outside, you will attract a lot of looks and questions through the speaker. One of the ideal places for proper surround sound is a wall hook to which B&O attaches an original leather strap. The only thing that the material lacks is durability, even if you never want to drop it or treat it carelessly. The speaker is also not waterproof or waterproof, which is a cause for concern outdoors.