Gamesir G3 Bluetooth Game Controller Review

The GameSir G3 does not have the grip that we have seen on the Amkette Evo Gamepad pro 2 controller. If you want an asymmetric Xbox 360 controller layout with analog Sticks, think of the Evo Gamepad Pro 2. However, if you are looking for a controller that makes the PS4 controller heavy, the GameSir G3 is for you. For its price and its features, it is an accessory worthy of the mobile player.

Detailed Review Of The GameSir G3 Bluetooth Game Controller


One of the biggest disadvantages of playing on a Smartphone or tablet has to be the control. Of course, racing games and endless runner games appreciate the touch interface and we have seen puzzles (like The Room, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, etc.).) built from scratch, taking into account the touch screen interface. However, some Genres such as action games and FPS games are very inconvenient to play with a touch screen. Here is the beginning of the Bluetooth controller.

Today we have with us the GameSir G3 Bluetooth game controller for Smartphones. For the price of about, does it deserve your attention and money? We find out here.

Build and design

Kick-off with the construction and design of the G3, the first thing that stands out is that it is strongly inspired by the PS4 controller. The GameSir G3 is made of smooth plastic, which makes it slippery. I would have liked the back of the controller to have textured panels that make it easier to grip. However, this does not mean that the control is inconvenient. The handle is relatively long, which we saw on the PS4 controller. The controller is also a bit wide, again a bit similar to the PS4 controller. On the face, you have the directional pad, the facial buttons, two analog sticks, Start & Select and the Turbo and Clear buttons. The layout of the shoulder buttons and triggers is also borrowed from the PS4 controller. Personally, I like the layout of the triggers on the controller, and although the layout was inspired by a PS4 controller, it is quite commendable.

You also get a clamp in the box that fits the controller. This Terminal is where you host the Smartphone. You can also use it on a table to place a tablet on it. To put things in perspective, the clamp seems safer and better built than the hinge we saw on the Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2. The A, B, X, y buttons (similar to the Xbox One controller) on the controller light up when it is turned on, adding a nice touch to the controller. They also have separate LED indicators that tell you if the device is connected to an iOS or Android device.

Overall, I like the construction of the controller. Considering its price, it is well built and feels durable. It also seems that it can survive one or two drops, but we do not recommend dropping it. The only thing I wanted for the controller was a textured handle, because the rest feels good overall.