Gionee F103 Pro Review New Outside Old Inside

With a below-average screen, a mediocre camera and a mediocre autonomy, the Gionee F103 Pro does not have the necessary ingredients to become a successful budget smartphone. The best feature of the phone is its Design, but what good is a beautiful Smartphone if it dies before the evening?

GIONEE F103 by a detailed study of

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Gionee has focused its efforts on the Marathon series and has developed the advantages of its long battery life. But that’s not all that Gionee has to offer. In the past, the company was known for some of its ultra-thin smartphones, while there were also flagship class phones in the country. However, the Gionee F103 Pro does not fall into any of these categories. This is not an ultra-thin Smartphone, nor is it a Smartphone with hours of battery life. This is a budget device and an upgrade to the old F103 Smartphone. Gionee has increased the RAM of the F103 and added a 13MP camera to the rear. But can this device accommodate LeEco Le 2 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3? Let’s find out.

Building and designing: not much has changed

The Gionee F103 Pro is a beautiful device, just like the F103. the phone features a very stylish Candybar design that looks and feels high-end. There is a laminated glass on the front, metal rails lead to the side, and the back is removable. It also has a removable plastic back, but the excellent paint job and the sandblasted finish give the back a metallic feel. The back is also slightly curved, which, combined with the beveled edges and the 5-inch form factor, makes the Gionee F103 Pro very ergonomic. We should also add that the three navigation buttons under the screen work well, but they are not illuminated and can take some time to get used to.

Display and user interface: could have been better

The quality of the screens of budget smartphones has improved over time, and the screen of the F103 Pro also does a good job, but its shortcomings outweigh its strengths. Let’s start with the forces.

The screen has good viewing angles, color accuracy and touch sensitivity. However, the readability in the sun is poor and even at full brightness the screen looks a little dull. The maximum brightness we got was 570 Lux, which is quite low. In addition, the 5-inch screen only has a resolution of 720p, which, in our opinion, is too much.

Although the display seems boring, the same cannot be said for the Amigo user interface. The user interface here is quite similar to iOS, with a quick ascent from the bottom and the unavailability of an application drawer. The interface also adds an additional layer of customization to the Android operating system, including an application called Chameleon Themes.This application allows you to choose the colors of your environment and the software makes it a theme. There are other cosmetic changes, but the interface is more or less similar to that of other Chinese phone manufacturers. By comparing the current version of this interface with previous versions, we found that Gionee simplifies the interface as a whole.