Samsung 55ks9000 Suhd Review Samsung Joins the Hdr Parade

The Samsung SUHD 55-inch TV has a lot to offer and is one of the best TVs on the market today. If you have the money and you like bright, oversaturated colors, you will like this TV. Otherwise, the Sony KD-55x9300d produces more realistic colors.


HDR content in India is rare, but not HDR TVs. Samsung’s SUHD TV series impressed us last year, and the company is wearing its quantum dot brand this time with HDR 1000. What is HDR 1000? Well, this is the way Samsung presents HDR. The company claims that its TVs can produce 1000 Nits of brightness and have HDR capabilities. Hence HDR 1000. Thus, Samsung promises not only HDR quality, but also brighter HDR videos on your TV.

The price of the TV, of course, is beyond the reach of most ordinary buyers. However, the Technology should eventually be transferred to low-end TVs, and it’s worth thinking about it. Let’s start with the brass pins.

Image quality

Samsung’s quantum dot technology places tiny nanocrystals behind the panel that react to the light from the LEDs behind them and emit color. Nanocrystals produce a higher color space than normal panels, and in theory, televisions have a greater color depth and produce a larger color space than normal panels. Samsung’s SUHD TVs can theoretically produce a wider variety of specific colors than others. This, combined with a 10-bit panel that allows for more colors, also results in brighter colors.

In practice, the 55-inch Samsung SUHD displays really bright colors with a high contrast ratio. At the lowest brightness settings, we were able to achieve 4170:1. The contrast ratio naturally decreases as the brightness increases, but it is never really enough to complain. Our Tests also show that the TV can produce 100% of the sRGB color space and 89% of the NTSC color space.

Although the numbers look good, the Samsung 55-inch SUHD is not perfect either. Some may find the image artificial, and it is certainly not as sharp as some other TVs in this range. If you look closely, you will notice that the edges look painted. Your viewing distance also plays a role in this matter. The Samsung SUHD TV is not designed for small spaces, and if you look at it from a distance of about a meter or more, your eyes will focus on colors rather than softness. Not to mention that many even like this type of image quality.

The question you need to ask yourself is what would you rather have. Most of us are used to artificial colors and want such a TV, perhaps that’s why Samsung has been consistently leading the TV market for the past few years.

It should also be noted that although HDR videos look great on this TV, the image quality does not really change. Videos shot in HDR provide a better contrast between black and white, and when you master it, it looks great on this TV. The Samsung SUHD TV supports 4K HDR, which is almost impossible in India at the moment. It is preferable to subscribe to the best package offered by Netflix, and even then you will need at least 24 Mbps Of Internet to stream Marco Polo in HDR.