Smartron T Phone Review One Year Too Late

The Smartron T. phone is a bold first attempt to make the most popular Gadget of our generation by an Indian startup. It’s even impressive, but aside from the vehement patriotism, it’s hard to really recommend the T. phone to a potential buyer. At similar prices you have the Xiaomi Mi 5 or even the HTC One X9.

Detailed inspection of the SMARTRON t. PHONE

When we attended the launch of the Smartron t. phone, my colleague Prasid explained how the device challenges all the stereotypes that we live on a Smartphone from an Indian startup. You can’t really blame us for The concern – a significant part of the smartphone innovators based in India focus mainly on value propositions and try to provide crucial aspects of performance by installing a proven processor inside. However, this often leads to gaping holes in the overall design of a smartphone – you either have a device that looks really good but can’t deliver (like the Micromax 5 Line Tape), or a device that works quite well but has little subtlety (like the YU Yutopia, for example).

With the Smartron T. Smartphone you have a device that wants to tell you more at first glance. Smartron has already launched a hybrid tablet called T. book, which we praised for Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. Likewise, with the T. phone, you have the impression of having a device that should be up to the task. The question is, does it meet expectations?

Build and design

Safe to say that the T. the phone starts up fine. The short and angular design makes it possible to create neat first impressions, which gives the impression that the company has thought a lot about this device. The T. book we reviewed had a two-tone color language of ash and Orange, and the T. phone has exactly the same color combination. This automatically defines the concept of a device ecosystem similar to Apple’s with its iPhones, iPads and Macs-all the company’s devices seem to belong to one family, which strengthens the buyer’s trust.

The Smartron T. Smartphone does not look like a first attempt to create a Gadget from a Startup. It looks, feels and weighs like a well-thought-out device. It’s a 5.5-inch screen that weighs only 148 grams, and Smartron says it’s the lightest 5.5-inch device on the market. We can’t immediately confirm this for sure (there are far too many smartphones on the market today, you see), but the T. phone is incredibly light and easy to hold and carry.

The layout has a minimalist design touch. The volume buttons are placed a little too high on the right edge, so users with smaller palms will find it more difficult to use with one hand. The T. Phone is not heavy in itself, but it is also not the most ergonomic. The metal construction offers little adhesion and the quality of the metal used is also not the best in its class. The phone fell on a slightly jagged muddy surface and picked up a very noticeable scratch. It also seems a little too wide, which goes against the Ergonomics.

The buttons are well made and offer a somewhat rigid but tactile feedback. There is no fingerprint sensor here, nor any form of biometric security standards. This is a bit disappointing because the devices cost about a third of the t. the phone offers fingerprint-compatible security standards.